Who doesn't love buying new makeup? The promise of a brand new look is always exciting. However for many women this process can be frustrating and intimidating. Let me make finding a new style easy and enjoyable. Using my extensive knowledge of color matching techniques and skin care know how, I will clean out your makeup bag and make way for products that are both beautiful and useful. 

My personal shopping experience starts with your beloved makeup bag. We will sift through it's contents to decide what to keep and what to throw out. Once we determine what you are looking for in a daily routine, I will take you shopping and help you pick a new wardrobe for your face. My background in retail cosmetics and esthetics, has left me with an encyclopedic level of information about makeup, skincare brands and their offerings. Together we find products that simplify your life. Whether they are purchased from a high end retailer or the local drugstore, we will find the ingredients that suit the best you. 

Once we have made room for your new purchases I will show you how to highlight your features using your new loot! It is a fun way to feel confident in yourself and your skills. 

Personal Shopping Experience Including Makeup Demonstration

$150 for 3 hour service including makeup demonstration and application